mzmadmike (mzmadmike) wrote,

Attacking Joel Rosenberg Is Not A Smart Move

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (November 05, 2010) - Sergeant William Palmer, the Minneapolis Police Department

Spokesman, is under investigation for assaulting Joel Rosenberg, a local self-defense activist, in the waiting

room of the office of Timothy Dolan, Minneapolis Police Chief. this afternoon, at approximately 130PM.

Rosenberg and his wife, Felicia Herman, had arrived at the office by previous arrangement with the suspect,

Palmer, to examine the first of several Minnesota Government Data Practices Act responses that Rosenberg has

submitted to the MPD and the City of Minneapolis. In addition to his responsibilities as police spokesman,

Palmer is also the MPD's Data Practices Officer.

When Rosenberg removed his jacket, revealing one of the two lawfully-carried handguns on his person, Palmer

leaped at him, laid hands on him without lawful authority or Rosenberg's consent, and removed one of

Rosenberg's pistols, "sweeping," or momentarily pointing it, at Rosenberg as he moved to unload it.

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