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I hope to wrap up the Valdemar short by Christmas, though I may have to edit it down a tad. It's going to be over 7K words, which is their cutoff, but negotiable.

I still have an article for SFWA, awaiting the RRA LAR8 for review, and the current novel.

Ray's and Jolie's knives should be finished soon, James' sword is still done but the scabbard needs trimmed, plus one for a troop in Asscrackistan I need to get sent and a couple from Pennsic. I'm still not taking new orders, though it is getting easier as the kids get older. We should have them running web sales soon, and pay them a percentage (soon meaning 2-3 years).

I do not BELIEVE how many thousands of $$ we've paid out in the last 60 days--holiday gifts for friends and family, some charity to those who are having the same issues we had in 97, 99, 2002, repairs to the car, maintenance to the vehicles with all the miles we're putting on, my LA trip, the Chicago trip, some toys for me (Mauser 98K, Mosin Nagant 91/30, more 1893 Turk Mausers), emergency stuff like extra food, fuel, bullion, more merchandise for shows starting in January, professional tools for Gail and me (camera lenses, memory sticks and readers, geeksticks, another laptop, tools and rolling toolchests for me), three longbows and some stuff for kit for re-enacting, more ceramic tile for the floor, and we need a new fridge.

The good news is, you now have someone on the inside of the Middle Class;-)
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