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And He Certainly Never Got It...,13319,158405,00.html?

Republican White House hopeful John McCain said he wants "a crash program" in civilian and military schools that emphasizes language and creates a "new specialty in strategic interrogation" so the nation never feels the need for torture.


The US HAS an interrogator, MOS 97E, now combined with COINTEL. Learning Farsi or such takes about a year. Learning interrogation takes about a year. So talking about a "Crash course" in it marks him as a moron, unless he'd like it done badly. (We could skip the clearances and background checks for a "crash course." Good idea?)

Trim force to chase terrorists? That's the Special Operations Command. It takes a couple of years to train someone for that, too.

So, if none of this existed (and it's existed since long before McCain joined), it would be available at the earliest about 2012, assuming we could find cadre to teach it.

But since they already exist and are in use, it just proves the man's a moron talking out of his ass.

And as a vet, he has no excuse for not being informed about this.
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