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As I See It

The Dem politicians really ARE idiots.

Celebrating early showed massive hubris. ARE you SURE they were the right candidates?

Now they're in, insisting on all the great things they're going to do. There are a couple of serious problems with that.

First, they're assuming Bush will act like a lame duck and be accomodating. I don't see it. The man may be ideological but he's stubborn and has balls. I think he'll publicly congratulate Pelosi and privately tell her to get on her knees and talk to the Veep.

Impeachment calls? PUHlease. Two words: "President Cheney." Should an "accident" happen to him, I guarantee Pelosi will be dead with a bullet through her brain an hour later. Some vet will take up the call. (I don't suggest assassination as a solution, just so we're clear. I'm suggesting that if Bush is impeached and Cheney suddenly declared "incapacitated," that it would be a de facto coup d'etat.)(Though that's really a long shot. It implies a level of personal courage very few Dems have, and the few who do DO have ethics.)

Then there's this quote:

"Pelosi has said she will not try to end U.S. funding of the Iraq war but will pressure Bush to shift course, begin a phased redeployment of U.S. troops and require Iraqis to take greater responsibility for their own nation."

So 1: she's admitting that they really don't have any power to do anything. B) That attempting to do anything will cause troops to die and Dems to be hanged from lampposts, politically speaking. iii. That this was strictly about a power grab and they never had ANY intention of actually doing anything for the country. d] This is kinda what we've BEEN doing the last five years. They're just hoping to cash in on the payoff now that the dirty work is done. See my Footnotes A and 2 below.

Other policies? We have the best economy in five years, after recovering from Bill Clinton's net bubble collapse and his criminal outsourcing of jobs, not to mention his failed eco policies that in part caused the gas crunch. Oh, and Enron? That was under Clinton, too. The Republicans haven't done a great job of fixing things, but they've managed to do some damage control. So the Dems want in to claim credit at the end again (See Footnote 2).

The problem is, even if they GET Bush to go along with their dope-smoking commie policies (here's a hint: go to school and STUDY, like Ms Rice. Bra burnings, draft card burnings and pot parties don't actually teach you anything except that public masturbation is a clever way of getting attention. See Footnote c.) that just means that the next economic disaster will occur sometime around 2009. Who'll be president then? They're hoping for Hitlery and Obama. Good luck. Unless they've already given up on 08. See Footnote IV] PS: a bare squeak in the House, a contested Senate and a few statehouses is not a "mandate" or a "punishment of Bush." It means that as much as you claim things are screwed up, most people weren't actually in agreement. They're giving you an opportunity to prove otherwise, but as we all know you're incapable of doing so, enjoy it while it lasts.

I REALLY hope McCain doesn't run. That simpering cork soaker shouldn't be dog catcher, much less president. However, if he gets elected, I'll blame the Dems for that, too.

The politically SMART thing to do would be to make a lot of noise, let Bush run, then either claim all his credit or roast him for the failure, and secure the rest of the government in 08. That would require patience, fortitude and common sense. With Chucky Scummer, Hitlery, Barney Child Molester, Teddy the Drunk, Whinesteen et al in charge, I predict a frat party, circle jerk and massive political premature ejaculation. We'll see gun control, taxes, stupid eco policies and other platform stupidity proposed starting now. If Bush has the balls to tell them to go screw, and things continue to improve, it'll be the nail in the coffin of the Dem party. Sad, but that's cultural evolution for you. Civilized despots do win out over ignorant egalitarian barbarian hordes.

So what effect are the Dems going to have on national policy in the next two years? Not a freaking thing. International policy? Nada.

What effect are they going to have on spending? Well, they can deadlock a lot of stuff. I'm cool with that. Of course, REAL candidates could have done the same thing, but Americans once again chose not to vote for them. We do love our vaudeville and clowns.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do everything they can to screw over the oil industry, though. They want money, they hate competence and savvy, they hate cars (your cars. Their chauffeur driven limos and SUVs are special) and can blame it all on "Bush's oil interests." Of course, when they don't fix it in 08, we're looking at a 2010 Republican sweep even if the Dems win in 08. See Footnote E|, btw.

So buckle down for two more years of business as usual, $4/gal gas, public shame and humiliation and legislative policy that changes as the wind blows.

Footnote A: The Republicans oppose open borders, supply side economics, gays and religious issues and rainforests over people eco laws. I don't agree with some of their positions, but I DO know where they stand. The Dems have made it repeatedly clear they're my buddy until elected, at which point I better grease up with Vaseline. Lessee... a known bastard, or a hypocrite who wants to fuck me? Bring on your bastard.

Footnote 2) The standard Dem bleat for 20 years has been, "Vote for us for change!" As soon as they get in, they adopt a bunch of Republican concepts, claim credit and demand more tax dollars to push their repeatedly failed socialistic policies in the hopes that this time it REALLY WILL work. If not, they'll blame "big oil." Remember Bill's S&L scandals? Some "Change."

Foot note c. However, it's not mannerly, and once you have people's attention, you'll quickly be seen for the pee-drinking and scat-flinging monkey you are. Paging Mister Moore. Oh, that's RIGHT, he sat this one out. Or else he was shunned for the damage he caused already.

Footnote IV] Obama would actually be a better choice, but I don't see a hope in hell this country will elect a female or a black, and certainly not two demonrats. Condi and Colin could probably pull it off, but I don't think we'll see that, either. Pity. I also don't believe the Howler Monkey Party has given up on 08. I believe that, like all petty criminals and drug users, they're fundamentally stupid and unable to think that far ahead. They have their fix.

Footnote E| The best, most viable candidate the Dems had was Lieberman. They've hung him out to dry. No honor among thieves and all that. As THEY booted HIM, Joe can in good conscience (as he's not a Dem, but an I), swap to the Republicans, seek a nomination, and be a massive sandpaper dildo in the Dem's Pelosi. It's a long shot, but viable, and I'd love to see it.
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