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Egalitarian Misogynistic Right Wing Liberal Anarchistic Screeds


28th December 2007

1:58am: Yet Another Reason Commie Lefties Suck
As if we need another.


We went to the Indpls Museum of Art today and saw the Louvre Roman exhibit on tour. Some amazing sculpture, fine grained marble, gold, glass. While the line built and finally waned, we took a look at other displays and a restoration in progress.

No photos allowed of the Roman stuff. The French are assholes that way. They also claim trademark on the Bayeux Tapestry, even though the people who made it were not French, and it merely happened to be found there.

Some great Asian art and the Dior clothing display. Lots of vases, a few tools and weapons, jadeite and nephrite sculpture.

Also saw the Modern and Contemporary Art display. No photos allowed of that, either, but who cares? I could get a better effect with a picture of the bathroom floor.

I think that meaningless abstract crap is, in fact, symbolic of our society. It's tragic.

There were three blank canvases as "art." (Cues Mark Knopfler lyric:

And then you get an artist says he doesn't want to paint at all
He takes an empty canvas and sticks it on the wall
The birds of a feather all the phonies and all of the fakes
While the dealers they get together
And they decide who gets the breaks
And who's going to be in the gallery

hoping this scroller works


...and numerous geometric monochrome flats.

An orange string stretched taut from a hole in the floor to a window across an entire room.

This is "art"?

what does it say?

I can look at prayer rugs, crucifixes, incense burners and even scrawled blocks by some tribal shaman and I can feel the artists' passion. Not this modern crap. I've seen polished flint axes, inukshuk, totems, masks...they have meaning and feel.

I'm part of modern contemporary society. Its art should mean something, be accessible by me.

It's not.

Cue sound of whiny artist bitch complaining that I haven't had four years of training in art appreciation and therefore can't "understand" what he's trying to say.

I'm an artist in two media--the written word, and blades, of practical, historical repro and arty collectible. So pardon me: Bullshit.

It's acceptable to have a niche base if it's something esoteric. But if you have to explain your art, you're like a comedian explaining a joke. If you have to hold a worthless fuzzy-study degree program to get people to "get" your art, you're a poseur. You're also a piss-poor artist.

So, I find this little gem:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diego_Rivera When his patron discovered in 1933 that Rivera had painted a portrait of Lenin in the mural Man at the Crossroads at Rockefeller Center, Nelson Rockefeller angrily insisted the figure be painted out. Rivera refused and Rockefeller fired him and destroyed the unfinished work (dramatized by the Cradle Will Rock and Frida movies).

Ah, Lenin. Modern lefties will tell you everything that's wrong with Leninism and why it's not true Communism. Then they'll go wank to pictures of Vladimir while wearing a Che Guevara shirt (and Che was a hypocritical, thieving little bitch who was shot dead before the US got to him, who is now marketed by American capitalists. How pathetic does one have to be to wear such a shirt? It says, "I believe in communism so much I'll pay a capitalist to exploit me!" Well done, sparky. That's why you're cooking my french fries. But I digress).

They're incapable of not worshiping their second-rate gods. They're not actually atheists. They just gave up real religion for a watered-down fake, just like they gave up real art for "modern art."

Rockefeller's response was to ban all such lefty morons from producing anything non-abstract, so as not to have his hard-earned capitalist dollars (which fund LOTS of cultural stuff, make note) stolen by whiny commie bitches.

So when you see Modern Art, it's just another charity program from wealthy capitalists to pathetic loser commies to stop them from starving in the gutter.

Frankly, I think it would be better spent on useful things like limos and cocktail parties and fundraisers for Reagan (even if he is dead).

As Charles Budreau says, he's lately become a communist sympathizer. There are so few of them, and so obviously pathetic and stupid, one can't help but feel sympathy for them.

Not quite, Chuck. I can help it. Easily.
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