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Egalitarian Misogynistic Right Wing Liberal Anarchistic Screeds


19th December 2007

1:42pm: My Newest New Word

That's my new word.

To make something more manly.

If you assist someone in self-development to that end, you have enmanlified them.

Use it well and often.
Current Mood: artistic
4:47pm: Shameless Pimping
Since apparently not everyone has gotten the word yet, my new novel is here:


I am out of copies but will get a FEW more in a few weeks, if you want to reserve one. Bookstores generally have them if not sold out already, and Amazon has it, of course.
Current Mood: happy
10:49pm: Two In One Day
There are morons on every forum. It is inevitable.

For the Huffington Post (named after one of the bigger morons on the planet), I have a new name.

I dub them PuffHos.

Feel free to spread the word.
Current Mood: amused
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