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Egalitarian Misogynistic Right Wing Liberal Anarchistic Screeds


16th December 2007

9:21am: Gunnies who read?
I ran across this, courtesy of Wyman Cook:


The part that jumped out at me was:

[quote]But if I draw in some rednecks or hunters to the world of reading, it'll all be worth it.[/quote]

Now, James O. Born seems like a decent guy, and he shoots acceptably, though with some keyholing. It's quite possible (since he writes crime fic that would attract that kind of reader) he meant it as sarcasm.

My concern is the number of people who will find the stereotype perpetuated by his comments.

So, for 24 hours, starting now, I want as many "rednecks and hunters" to log in TO MY BLOG, briefly describe your redneckery or the last helpless and delicious animal you killed, and the last book you read. Tell your friends. Let's fill this up. As I know 90% of my readers are "rednecks and hunters," I expect them to sound off.

I own over 100 rifles, build working ones from parts, spares and surplus, and I'm currently reading "The Stories of English" by David Crystal, which is a marvelous history of the development of English from the post-Roman era to the present.

Sound off in MY BLOG RIGHT HERE, not his.
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