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12th December 2007

1:19pm: Heinlein Vs Yellow Dog Journalists

Journalist mocks Heinlein. Scalzi tears him apart in detail. Fans join in for an orgy of ridicule. Some yutz tries to divert to more "relevant" authors like Ayn Rand. The fight starts. I conclude:

# Michael Z. Williamson Says:
December 12th, 2007 at 1:13 pm

I’m going to wrap this up. It’s taking writing time. So, what can we say about RAH?

All he did was invent a couple of subgenres, sell 50 million copies (so far), inspire the space and tech industry, stick in female and non-caucasian characters before almost anyone else, make sex acceptable in SF, get SF into slick mags, write for Britannica, negotiate better standards for SF writers, invent some still currently used tech, inspire a hundred present day writers, cause the first critical review of an SF author to be written (even if it was laughably bad, it was first), fund a university chair, become required reading at several dozen military academies worldwide, have a medical procedure and device named after him, become well enough known in the mainstream to be a Trivial Pursuit question, well enough known to be featured in a #1 song (We Didn’t Start the Fire) about a generation after his, well enough known to be a Jeopardy question, be credited with helping create the hippie movement…

ADDED: Fund a prize for space research, promote and support research for a strategic system, speak to Congress on a variety of matters, deliver the Graduation speech at the USNA after graduating from it 5 decades earlier, head the President's Space Advisory Council...

…but other than that, he’s not really relevant. Got it.

“I’ll take ‘10% of Heinlein’s relevance and sales’ for $500, Alex.”
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