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10th December 2007

10:47am: Fraud Alert

"Super Gold Coin Store" on eBay.

Here's one of their typical listings:
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"Without Defect" Hmm....

Well, with the help of a friend with a lab, we did a laser spectrographic analysis of one of these slugs. Turns out they're solid COPPER with plating. There is no "50% silver" inside.

When challenged, first they claimed it was a one-time error, then when I offered to test another one, they admitted it was a fraud, but "well, we have to make money somehow."
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Their spokesturd says these are a "promotional endeavor" for advertising their business, and that they make medallions/coins for other dealers.

Guess what?

They're also apparently the source of the fake Marilyn Monroe casino strikes you find all over eBay, which are not only fake, but aren't even silver, just slugs. Some of those are selling for $500 to poor bastards. You'll be able to tell when the seller is brand new and closes up after selling 2-3.

I guess we know what kind of dealers they're looking for.

Spread the word.
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