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Egalitarian Misogynistic Right Wing Liberal Anarchistic Screeds


26th October 2007

7:32pm: About @!#$ing Time!

I'm sure the religious people here won't get it, but I cringed and felt sick every time I was forced to endure this fabricated attempt to sodomize the flag with religious claptrap. The fact that it was historically and legally without merit doesn't help my perception of those promoting it, either.

The fact that I was forced to endure this ON DUTY, and that making any negative comment would reflect negatively with some of those above me didn't help.

I have no problem with religion. Keep it to yourself or in church. I don't shout atheism or agnosticism at choirs. Kindly return the favor (and most of you do. It's the obnoxious brethren I'm ticked at).
Current Mood: happy
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