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2nd September 2007

5:32pm: Update: Knives and Swords
I've been cleaning out the garage/storage/workshop since Pennsic, so as to have more room for tools, garden implements, work, merchandise, etc.

Several boxes of crap were disposed of, including some memorabilia from elementary, because it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. There's stuff that does, just not that stuff.

I resorted all my tools, swept, reinstalled all the stuff I took along to Pennsic (anvil, torch, buffer, grinder, drill) and created a new, less haphazard storage system.

Holy CRAP.

I have SIXTY blades in various stages of completion. A dozen swords, 48 knives. Five little tactical concealable pieces I did as prototypes that just need sheaths, a dozen seaxes from 2-12" long, some fantasy pieces, some stylistic experiments, a couple of daggers, two short swords, several ninjato, a wakizashi, a damascus Gladius...

This is in addition to the pieces I'm finishing up for OMike, Raybear, Jolie, Tim, Mr Meval and Gail.

I'm still not taking orders until those last are finished, but when I'm ready, I can load out seaxes and skean dhus for a year.

I'm ready to commit irony:)
Current Mood: bouncy
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