mzmadmike (mzmadmike) wrote,

Papa John's: Econ 101 for Democrats And Complete Morons

So, right after the election, Papa John's cut back hours on a number of employees to avoid the 0care expenses.

Libtards make statements about "greed" and "I guess he's just not very smart" and "it's only a fraction of a percent of his business according to so and so."

First, few pizza places offer ANY benefits, so if he was, he's ahead of most, and if not, it's an indication that the industry can't support said benefits.  Fact.

Second, a fraction of a percent on a business that probably operates on 3% margin is significant.  But even if it's 10% margin, that would mean a 5-10% difference in return, which is significant.

Third, since this man built a billion dollar business, we must assume he does, in fact, have some grasp of business and economics.  You can play "he didn't build that" games all day long.  In fact, he did.  Even if all he did was pick smart people, that would obviously be the winning strategy.

Fourth, we must assume he has those employees because he thinks he needs them.  If he's just employing them for the hell of it, then he's ALREADY an Awesome Liberal Guy.

So, if he's cutting them back, it's not because they're extraneous (And if they were, he'd still be correct to, and, more importantly, as the owner, it's his right to), but because it affects the bottom line of his customers, stockholders and self more than it does the employees.  If you can put yourself first, then he can put HIMSELF first.  If you disagree with this, you must altruistically paypal me $5 to my gmail at mzmadmike.

But, if you're positive you know better than he does, you should absolutely start your own billion dollar business and treat the employees better.  I look forward to it, and will buy your pizza.

Of course, the libtard solution (after gnashing of teeth, wailing of internetz, rending of garments and other demonstrations of impotence) is...BOYCOTT!  Stop buying the Evul Greedy Capitalist's product, and that will TOTALLY teach him!  Maybe a 5% drop in profits will teach him!  He'll have to use austerity measures like... laying off employees!

Yeah, you really are fucking morons. 

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