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vulpine137 August 27 2014, 01:44

40% done with the week

Well, it was a day. As I noted, I played NOCling. Actually went fairly well, built the server (ok I mounted the node in the chassis, and added a hard drive), got the IPMI working on network, and installed and updated Win2k8 without a lot of headaches. Asked the one NOCling that was there a few dumb questions, but given I'd never done this the dumb questions (or the undocumented ones) weren't that dumb. Then I asked him to double check and all was good, sent info off to customer and I even got a 'thank you' from Boss #2. Also took care of a colo setup, which I may or maynot get called about tomorrow in the wee hours. The fun of being a Shoggoth Wrangler.

Left work after doing some remote hands/eyes for our LA brethern. Was kind of annoying as they always want things now,now,now and fast,fast,fast. *rolls eyes* Oh well, I got it done. And the literal last minute 'can you setup this switch...' I pushed back til tomorrow. I'd already pulled a breakless day due to people being out, and I have to be in early tomorrow for meeting hell. Wee.

Now home, I put on a favorite flick 'The Skull' with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I've said this before, but I want Cushing's character's library, or at least if I ever win the lotto, I'll have an architect watch this movie and build me an office like this. Maybe without the skull of the Marquis de Sade. *wink* For those who haven't seen it, it's two levels, one circle of book cases up a half staircase, and a lower or sunken middle with desks and curio cabinets and creepy stuff of all kinds, and more bookcases. Which you know is what I need in an office... room for more books. And statues with tentacles. *grin* And maybe a dark painting of a horrid ancestor staring at me from the overmantle... oh wait, that's Charles Dexter Ward's study...

I need to make something for dinner...I'm not too hungry, but I need to eat. I also really need a better night's sleep than last night, and that the 3 day weekend upcoming is full of joy. Or at least full of quiet and books and movies. And no calls, oh please no calls from the 'Pit. I can hope at least. Ok, I need to eat...catch you all tomorrow.
unclehugo_edgar August 26 2014, 23:55

Newsletter 107 is on the website

vulpine137 August 26 2014, 16:45

Another semi-fragile day

Another day dawns, another day the Fox wishes he could stay in bed. Ugg, tired. I had issues getting to sleep last night. Active brainmeats. It happens. Had weird dreams about toys and making them the perfect home on the beach. (A game I played a lot as a child at Point Lookout in New York). There was some anxiety in it, that my toys would be in danger. This actually is still bugging me several hours out of wake up. I didn't have many friends as a kid, I spent a lot of time with myself making up games. *shakes head* Yeah, still fragile like yesterday I guess. I also was having memories of things that happened in my wild and crazy pagan days, reminders of how screwy those days were. *shakes head* Going to try to spend today not remembering things, as I don't need any other emotional foo right now.

Currently I'm trying to get Mom's number transfered with Verizon to her new room. Verizon has not made this process easy. Hopefully this way will work. *crosses tentacles* I really do not want to call and talk to a live human being. (time passes) Ok, the online chat worked out...yay, Mom has a phone again tomorrow.

Work is work, tried to explain something to boss #1, and he kept yelling about how 'things weren't done the way he wanted'. Not yelling at me, but yelling to yell. He does this, I mostly just ignore it. It's a marine thing. It does explain why people don't want to deal with him for stuff though. I'm used to it, one of our Linux admins doesn't give a damn, everyone else tends to avoid him. I guess I'm not as fragile as I thought, as I didn't take said rant personally. Or, I really have developed a 'I don't give a damn' about the ranting.

What else. Finished 'Dead Sea' yesterday, and the new collection 'Cthulhu Lives' last night before bed. 'Dead Sea' was good, kind of almost upbeat for a Curran novel. 'Cthulhu Lives' was kind of variable. Some good stories, a lot of ok stories, and a couple of 'Not sure why they're in this collection' stories. Which, for a new publisher doing a Mythos collection isn't bad. Been rewatching 'Up Pompeii' episodes, as I need a good laugh at night.

Ok, enough rambling...back to to the shoggoth pit. *waves tentacles*

Additional, since we're short handed I'm playing NOCling today. Just built (sorta, most hardware was already in place) my first server in years, now doing my first Win 2k8 install, ever. Trying to not twitch about being outside my work comfort zone. *crosses tentacles*

vulpine137 August 25 2014, 16:55

Weekend finale

Rest of the weekend was soso. After I posted on Saturday, I watched about 20 min of 'Maniac Cop' (with a very very young Bruce Campbell) and decided that I was pooped, and I should head to bed. So I medicated, got into bed...and the phone rang. The NOC, seems that boss #1 (who was on call) wasn't answering, and boss #2 said call me. Customer firewall was having issues, luckily for everyone a reboot fixed it. And I see why I was called, as there was other network issues most of Saturday, so Boss #1 probably just was out hard, not dodging the issue.

But yeah, that kind of killed most of the good mood/feeling of accomplishing stuff I had. Saturday night I slept less than well, got up. Met up with Amythest, ran some errands and watched some TV, Nymaz came on down and we headed over to watch 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

I enjoyed it, laughed a lot. Oohed at the special effects and action scenes. Shockingly, my favorite character was Rocket, nothing like a small furry mammal with access to high powered weapons to make a movie fun. I'm not quite the fan as other people are, but it was definitely worth watching. I like that Marvel did their usual good movie job, on something that was going to be a bit 'out there'. Most everyone has heard of Thor, Iron Man or the Avengers. Not everyone has heard of the Guardians part of the Marvel Universe. But this isn't a B list version of a Marvel movie. So I'm glad it's done great in the theaters. Maybe they'll do more not-so-well-known comics. I'm all for a Black Widow or Ms. Marvel movie, among many others.

Down side to the movie, the theater seemed to be overly warm. It may have just been me, as neither Nymaz or Amythest noticed anything amiss. Came home after the movie, and pretty much went straight to bed with a book. Didn't read for long, sacked out after a few pages. Slept up and down, had a lot of vivid sci-fiish dreams. Got up late, but I'd have been into work on time, save they've yet again randomly closed onramps. Work is well, work. There is insanity, there is the realization that I was right on an issue, but it's definitely not a good time to crow about it. Hopefully though, this means the issue will be done, and I won't have a crappy weekend upcoming.

Otherwise, I'm in a fragile mood. Nothing bad right now, just feel fragile. On the plus side, people I care about are having positive stuff going on. Yay friends, friends rock. I'll be ok, things will get better. They always do. Catch you all later. *waves a tentacle*

olegvolk August 24 2014, 20:09

Unedited samples from Sony A7R

Originally published at VolkStudio Blog. You can comment here or there.

I obtained Sony A7R to supplement my Canon 5D2 bodies in studio. The Canons are far more useful for fast action, Sony AF being useless. It’s as slow or worse than the first serious AF body, Maxxum 7000 from 1985! Manual focus is also quirky, with focus peaking being inaccurate in unmagnified view but very precise once zoomed in.  The main reason for adding this body is for the 36MP sensor. The extra resolution will be a big help when preparing huge SHOT show display prints.

Two quick examples below done with Canon lens on a Metabones IV adapter. These are JPEGs straight from the camera, reduced to 1200px (click on the preview to see larger). The insets are 1:1 once magnified. This is the first camera I’ve owned that produces useable JPEGs in addition to RAW files.


Base ISO50, 100mm Canon macro lens at f8

ISO200, 100mm Canon macro lens at f4.

kylecassidy August 24 2014, 20:05

Writing the Intro for Alexandria Still Burns....

Now is the time on Sprockets where I either go upstairs & find the beautiful edition of Plutarch's _Lives_ and go through it trying to find the bits about Caesar and the burning of the Library of Alexandria, or I stay here in the hammock, download it from Project Gutenberg and hit ctrl-F to find it. This is the 21st Century bibliophile's dilemma.

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