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PenguiCon After Action Review

Just got back. And I got at least 7 hours sleep in the last 64 hours.

Some workshops for new writers, some awesome parties.

chown -R :us/yourbase nifty sticker for my badge:)

And I saw the SICKEST T-shirt I've EVER seen at a con. I won't list it here yet.

Sunday I organized a group to mock Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary, by having the group of us stand behind him and intone in Gergorian chant, "Oooooooommmminoussss hummmmmm."

If you don't get it, go check out the script at

I also saw the proof of the new Schlock .dtf book, and ordered one. It has that lovely fresh ink smell and Howard's fine artwork.

Later, I'll post a link to Gail's photos of the Chaos Machine and assorted con happenings.

Many thanks to Mightyix for samples of many single malt scotches. Many. Many many. Yum. And IBC rootbeer and some pics of Roman artifacts from the UK. In exchange, I brought pomegranate mead.:)

Good con overall. It's nothing but geeks, computers and parties.

Oh, and I helped mix up some instant liquid nitrogen ice cream---chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate with crushed Oreos and chocolate chips with chocolate glop. Mmmmmmmm.
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